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Our Story 

Iguana Architects was set up with the belief that good design can transform peoples lives. That a well considered and crafted home can bring joy and satisfaction to its family. That the integration of nature in to our every day spaces can improve our physical and mental wellbeing and create a healthy, happy home. 

In only a few short years the practice has developed a reputation for delivering beautiful, playful and original designs that have been featured in an array of publications.  

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Clients choose to work with us because we are there with them, advising every step of the way, from the first sketch to the last coat of paint.

We choose to work with our clients because they believe in our approach and vision. A great home is a true collaboration. 

Attentive to your needs
Every project has to start with time taken to understand you and your lifestyle. How you currently live and how you really want to live. Throughout the project we will take the time to discuss your design ambitions to see how it might improve and enrich the way you live. 

Creative in our our ideas 
Now that we know what you want, our next step is to concoct a playful and innovative design that is tailored to your needs, and remember, be bold. If your going to drop a substantial amount of money on this project, lets take the time to create something unique.  

We have a 99% planning success rate across several boroughs and we believe that it is large part due to the creativity found in a nature inspired approach. 

Inventive in our process 
Throughout the project we combine a number of communication tools that involve photorealistic visualisations at the concept stage, virtual reality models at the interior design phase and video communications during construction. 

Effective in the delivery 

Our comprehensive architectural and interior design services in combination with our communication tools means that you will feel like you have made well informed decisions throughout the project process. 

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"The Iguana team are consummate professionals and were instrumental in helping us achieve our vision. From detailed planning, design to project management, the experience was excellent throughout and Iguana showed great care. Highly recommended."

Daniel and Elina- Finchley Central 

"I can't recommend Iguana Architects highly enough. Their Ingenuity, creativity and planning expertise, is why I can build my new dream home."

Vasileios - Mill Hill

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