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The Kaplicky Villa, is one of two designs created for the Konopiste Resort, a development comprised of homes designed by 11 leading Czech, Slovak and international architects. 

The villa takes a circular form and has a sleek undulating ram that takes the resident up to the first floor entrance, providing stunning views across the Czech countryside. this floor projects out and over the ground floor, giving the building a light, floating character.

Views to the stunning surroundings are provided from every point in the house which is crowned with a rooftop garden that provides a rainwater attenuating system. This design, like many of Future Systems works, was ahead of its time with respect to Biophilic strategies and it was Yaniv Peers pleasure to closely collaborate on the design of this breath-taking home with Jan Kaplicky. 

Its with great thanks to the Kaplicky centre that Iguana Architects is able to show this work. 

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