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The Green Stepped House is the third project we have undertaken in the same street in North West London (East Finchley), creating a road where human wellbeing has been prioritized through the integration of nature in to the architecture. 

One of the key drivers for the clients in purchasing this 1930's end of terrace property was to maximise the sense of wellbeing, space, natural light and views to nature, whilst substantially increasing the footprint so that family of five would have a home that would suit their current and future needs. 

Comprising of a loft, side and rear extension to the main building and the creation of a rear outbuilding, the design responds to the clients key drivers by opening up as many of the facades to natural daylight and views to the expansive green roofs created. Elevating the garden area that is to be developed on top of the roofs of the ground floor works creates stunning views from all levels at the house whilst ensuring that biodiversity is prioritized and the green character of the street maintained.   

The curved form of the ground floor rear extension was created to maximise the amount of year round sun that the interior living and dinning space would receive. To further allow natural light to penetrate in to the home and outbuilding, the green roofs have been lifted above the walls to create a floating lightweight feeling which also helps to overcome some of the key planning constraints of the site.


Using the principles of Biophilic Design has allowed the proposal to successfully negotiate between beauty and budget, ambition and regulation and most importantly has surpassed the clients expectations. 


Our proposal for this home fuses nature, architecture and site constraints to give rise to a unique design that has been tailored to our clients daily life and wellbeing. Integrating a wildflower roof, natural materials and textures with daylight and natural ventilation has given rise to one of our best Biophilic Designs... and we are very proud of it! 


We are aiming for the building works to be completed by end of August. We will film the construction and share our knowledge as it progresses through the next design phases. 

Project Status: Detailed Design 

Completion date: June 2021

Client: Private 

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