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The Wildflower House represents a big victory on a small site with a very complicated planning history. The client approached us to develop a home on a site that they considered to be almost undevelopable. Using Biophilic and Environmental design principles in combination with detailed considerations of the physical site constraints gave rise to what Barnet council have agreed is architectural design of exceptional quality!


Our proposal for this property will utilize an array of environmental technologies including a wildflower and sedum curved roof, rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling and low carbon building materials. The aim for the project is show that when you fuse nature and architecture, extraordinary design possibilities arise, even in some of the most conservative of locations.  


We truly believe that its not what you do but how you do it! We hope that a great many more clients, architects and designers get on board the Biophilic Design approach so that our built environment becomes a lush space for urban biodiversity that looks stunning.  


Project Status: Planning Approved!  

Completion date: 2020

Client: Private 

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