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The Yamado Tea House has been developed to create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience in the heart of London, a stones throw away from Tottenham Court Road Station. The design has been created as a statement of intent for our client, creating Biophilic spaces where traditional tea drinking meets innovative new tea concepts.  Our client is as creative in their imagination as they are trusting with our approach to design and in our ever more dense cities, creating spaces that put us back in touch with nature is critical.  


Our proposal for this retail space fuses nature, architecture and the unique site setting, to give rise to a vision that has been tailored to our clients ambitions for cities across the UK and Europe.

'Love Life and Drink Tea'


We are aiming for the design to be on site by October and completed by December.

We will film the construction and share our knowledge as it progresses through the next design phases. 

Project Status: Concept Design

Completion date: December 2019 

Client: Commercial  

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