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A detached property that has almost doubled its footprint! 

When purchasing the house the clients spoke ourselves and three other architects. Whilst the others told the client that they could only achieve an additional half a meter in depth we took a different perspective. Our view has always been that with the right design approach which is focused on human wellbeing and the creation of urban biodiversity, local authorities will seek to support developments that push the boundaries. We have secured support for a 7m rear extension.  


In addition to the 7m ground floor rear extension, we have secured support for a two storey side extension as well as a full width rear extension and loft conversation with a rear dormer. Its a lot to pack in to a house but with a nature inspired approach the project looks well placed in the lush greenery of Finchley Central. 


Our proposal for this home extension fuses nature, architecture and site constraints to give rise to a unique design that has been tailored to our clients daily life and wellbeing. Integrating a wildflower roof, natural materials and textures with daylight and natural ventilation has given rise to one of our best Biophilic Designs... and we are very proud of it! 


Project Status: Detailed Design  

Completion date: 2022/3

Client: Private 

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