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The Claigmar Gardens home extension is a project that we have created for a very special client who is as creative in their imagination as they are trusting with our approach to design. For us, the relationship between client and architect is the basis upon which innovation is made possible. A client who is willing to work with us to think outside the confines of what is possible within a budget, is the best kind of client. Sure, it takes us a little longer to get to 'The Design' but we love what we do and to see the clients face filled with joy is really where we derive our satisfaction from. 


Our proposal for this home extension fuses nature, architecture and site constraints to give rise to a unique design that has been tailored to our clients daily life and wellbeing. Integrating a wildflower roof, natural materials and textures with daylight and natural ventilation has given rise to one of our best Biophilic Designs... and we are very proud of it! 


Design: Iguana Architects 

Structural Engineering: Iguana Architects 

Visualisation: Inimus Visuals 

Client: Private 

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